The institute's programs target various stakeholders facing specific needs. Organized to provide responses to a diversity of challenges, these programs are designed around an architecture mobilizing the institute's full range of skills, from which it is possible to develop a personalized approach to all types of interlocutors.

Geoeconomic Observatory

In an increasingly competitive environment, anticipating geopolitical cycles must now be part of companies' arsenal to better understand political decisions and the international agenda.

The objective of the geo-economic observatory is to offer an analytical and forecasting framework to help companies make decisions based on geopolitical elements. This support is characterized by the development of a geopolitical analysis offer built on several levels and objective data, in order to identify indicators and produce factual analyses. It is a conducive environment for exchanges and networking to identify risks and opportunities.

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Diplomatic Encounters

The Diplomatic Encounters program fosters interaction between foreign diplomatic representations and a diverse audience composed of researchers, professionals, and experts. Through the organization of round tables, lunches and dinner debates, as well as conferences dedicated to geopolitical themes, this program facilitates the expression of the viewpoint of foreign professionals in international relations on issues that concern them directly.

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Geopolitics and Parliamentarians

The Geopolitics and Parliamentarians program promotes dialogue with French and European parliamentarians on concrete geopolitical issues. Researchers, experts, and parliamentarians exchange views on contemporary geopolitical challenges and analyze the levers of parliamentary diplomacy while allowing the institute to assert its geopolitical expertise with elected officials within friendship groups and parliamentary committees.

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Young Researchers

The Institute of Applied Geopolitical Studies, with the support of the Directorate-General for International Relations and Strategy (DGRIS) of the Ministry of the Armed Forces, has established a program for young researchers to promote innovative and renewed expertise in social and political sciences.

This program contributes to the development of strategic thinking through the publications and scientific events of its researchers, and aims to make recommendations related to three main research axes: security and multilateralism; international law and cultural diplomacy; environmental paradigms.