Specific programs

Our think tank has developped several programs in order to meet the different needs of different players.

Our program Diplomatie & Parlementaires ("Diplomacy & Members of Parliament") enables elected members of the French Sénat and Assemblée nationale, but also possibly members of foreign parliaments, in cooperation with one or several researchers, to exchange (during conferences, colloquia, etc.) about geopolitcal challenges induced by contemporary strategic stakes.

In addition, geopolitics influence at several levels international business. This is why our program Rencontres géoéconomiques ("Geoeconomics Meetings") offers for companies expertises enabling them to lower international risks and handle better international opportunies which are induced by geopolitics.

Finally, the program Parole aux Ambassades ("Floor Given to the Embassies") enables the diplomatic agents to exchange in front of our public about the position of their countries regarding geopolitical strategic stakes.