Multidisciplinary trainings in international relations, international law, geopolitics and diplomacy

Each of our trainings is available any time of the year

Our trainings

  • Advanced summer courses in International Law and International Relations
  • Teaching in management & diplomatic skills
  • Specialized Seminars (Geopolitics of Climate Change, Intelligence, etc.)

WARNING: all courses are in French. The links to the courses' details provided below send you to our French website.

Advanced Summer Courses in International Law and International Relations

Experts provide courses every summer that aim at acquiring skills in the field of international law and international relations (click on the link). This is an initiatory course for students and professionals of all levels wishing to acquire a solid foundation in the fundamental subjects of international law and international relations.

The training takes place in one month.

The Summer Courses can be taken both in our Paris office and online via a pedagogic platform. 

Teaching in Management & Diplomatic Skills

Public speaking, emotional intelligence, cross-cultural management, etc.: diplomatic positions require special human skills, which must be mastered.

Our dedicated training courses (click on the link) are therefore concentrated in one weekend, in our office or online, combining theory and practice so that the skills acquired can be engaged immediately.

Specialized Seminars

Specialized training seminars are organized with the participation of the International Centre of Research and Analysis (I.C.R.A) - the the think tank's research center - in order to train advanced students as well as professionals seeking to acquire specific skills in specific fields.

These trainings meet to specific requests in particularly important areas of international relations.

The training is carried out over one or several weekends, in our office or online.

If you wish to apply for several seminars, you can access packages' discounts by clicking here.

The seminars are: