Research Units

Geographic Departments

Sectoral Departments

North America

With an operational area encompassing the United States and Canada but potentially extending to Mexico and Greenland, the work of the North America department naturally carries a global dimension.

South America and the Carribeans

This department is responsible for analyzing all geopolitical issues affecting South and Central America, as well as the insular Caribbean region.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Centered on the majority of the African continent, this department seeks to highlight African perspectives through analyses that go beyond security issues and regularly feature contributions from researchers and experts from the continent.

South Asia, Pacific and Oceania

The geographical scope of this department, which includes some of the key international actors, drives this research unit towards interdisciplinarity to broaden perspectives and offer in-depth analyses.


The Europe department focuses on the entire continent, including Russia, as well as European Union institutions, always prioritizing an approach based on international relations and geopolitical analysis.


The term Eurasia mainly covers the former Soviet world, although the characteristics of the geopolitical issues in this region push the department to adopt a pluralistic approach spanning multiple domains.

Near East, Middle East, North Africa

A vast geographical area marked by numerous political crises and a mosaic of cultures, the MENA region represents one of the major contemporary geopolitical centers.

Polar Regions

The Arctic, Antarctic, and all territories near the polar circles fall under this department, whose issues are inherently pluralistic and multidisciplinary.


The work of the Institute of Applied Geopolitical Studies is presented in various formats, including podcasts and videos. More information is available in the Audiovisual section.


The mapping department of the Institute of Applied Geopolitical Studies contributes globally to the quality of our analyses, supporting our publications, including edited works.

International Law and International Justice

A fundamental element of international relations, international law and contemporary legal issues are subject to in-depth analysis through publications and dedicated events.

Cultural and Intercultural Diplomacy

This department is fully dedicated to analyzing the cultural and civil vectors within international relations, transcending the sometimes limiting scope of soft power.


The symbiotic relationship between the economy and international relations is analyzed by this department, which also covers geopolitical aspects related to economic intelligence in the broad sense.

Geopolitics of the Environement

Issues related to climate change and the environment in general are the focus of a dedicated department. Its inherently cross-cutting activity is presented in various formats.