Sectorial Departments

We have several working departments to develop projects related to specific sectorial themes.

Economic Diplomacy & Economic Intelligence Department: its work consists in contributing to the rapprochement of international subjects and the development of economic relations by proposing institutional projects related to international economics and finance. It explores the business behaviour of States and the impact of international relations on companies. 

International Law & Justice Department: it articulates the whole of its work on the legal stakes between the different subjects of international law (States, International Organizations, etc.), the study of international law (its development, its articulation and its gaps) and on diplomatic law.

Human Rights Department: it carries out activities related to the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms throughout the world.

International Security & Defense Department: strategic and geopolitical issues are analyzed here from a security perspective. Its work consists of analyzing and then proposing ideas and projects to decision-making bodies and civil society.

Interculturality & Cultural Diplomacy Department: it works in the field of cultural diplomacy by contributing to the rapprochement of state and institutional actors and populations through culture and sharing, exchange and discovery. It organizes projects aimed at bringing peoples closer together and sharing.

Geopolitics of the Environment Department: its work consists in dealing with climate issues in the world and placing them at the heart of diplomatic discussions and negotiations. It also carries out awareness missions related to environmental issues in the world.

Geopolitics of Religions Department: its work consists in dealing with religion as a factor of international relations.

Regional Departments

Our regional Departments aim to ensure our representation on all continents through zone representatives and mission managers appointed in the countries of each continent, and/or producing analyses of the areas.