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Nova Strada

Created in 2010, the novastrada brand was born from the ambition of two experienced professionals in real estate development, Arnauld Chemel and Emmanuelle Laurent. Both embody a new generation of builders. Their business : housing construction, with a business model that combines the industrial objective and societal environmental considerations, which are essential for the sustainable development of tomorrow's cities.

Site internet : www.novastrada.fr 

Institut Jean Lecanuet

Under the patronage of a great democrat and a great European, who was also a resistance fighter, a philosopher and a statesman, the Institute has the following mission : to contribute to making the international community a truly political space, organized around a universal common asset that it is our responsibility to identify and serve, democracy. By restoring its dignity to political action, by ordering it in the service of all, by promoting dialogue and solidarity between peoples, cultures and spiritual traditions, the Institute intends to demonstrate creative fidelity to the pioneers of the action and thought of community personality.

Site internet : www.institutjeanlecanuet.org

Umma Trading

Our institute and SAS Umma Trading signed a partnership in 2018 to promote a product with multiple benefits : PockyBall. It is an easy-to-use toy for all age groups to develop motor skills and technical ability. Thus, by hanging the PockyBall on the belt with an adjustable wire, everyone can have fun juggling wherever they are without any risk of losing the ball.

Site internet : www.pockyball.com

They also support us: : 

- La presse en fêtes - 21 Rue des fêtes, 75019 Paris

- Éditions Magellan & Cie - 34 Rue Ramey, 75018 Paris

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