About us

An international and independent think tank active in international relations

Who are we ? 

Association founded in 2015 and named "Youth Ambassadors" until 2020, the Institute for Applied Geopolitical Studies ("Institut d'Études de Géopolitique Appliquée", or "Institut EGA", or "IEGA") is a laboratory of ideas and experiments of general interest, whose purpose is to study international and strategic relations, diplomatic and geopolitical contemporary issues. In this sense, it produces analyses, informs public opinion, trains and advises individuals as well as private and public organizations: economic, institutional and diplomatic agents.

Since its existence, our think tank has been involved in long-term, forward-looking work, aiming to be useful to all future generations.

Constituted in national networks on all continents, the association brings together all types of actors: civil servants working in diplomacy, researchers, business leaders, young workers and students from many countries.

Our activities in 4 pillars

Scientific Research

We develop scientific research activity through regular publication of articles, reports and maps. Our publications aim to better grasp the contemporary challenges of international relations and to contribute to the development of research and doctrine in strategic sectors. We publish the "Revue Diplomatique", a quarterly journal exclusively in digital format.

Debate and public information

We organize on a weekly basis events of various configurations: conferences, round tables, symposiums, seminars. We receive researchers, diplomats, economic and institutional agents to discuss topics in front of a varied and diversified audience. Our events take place in our premises in Paris or in an institutional setting. Some of them are dematerialized.


Our organization offers a rich pedagogical offer in terms of understanding international and strategic relations as well as contemporary geopolitical issues. Courses are offered throughout the year thanks to a program of professionalization courses for students and professionals seeking a specialization in diplomacy, international relations, geopolitics and international law. 


The think tank offers geopolitical expertise and international strategic intelligence in the form of recommendations and project proposals in the interest of economic, institutional and diplomatic agents in France, elsewhere in Europe and internationally, thanks in particular to our programs Rencontres géoéconomiques ("Geoeconomics meetings") and Paroles aux Ambassades ("Floor given to the Embassies"). 

The International Office

  • An Executive management (President, General Director)
  • Senior executives from the Directorate
  • Representatives of departments
  • Directors of poles
  • A Community manager
  • A Logistic service

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Our sectorial Departments

We have several working Departments designed to develop projects related to specific sectorial themes: international security & defense, economic diplomacy & economic intelligence, human rights, etc.

Our regional Departments

Our regional Departments aim to ensure our representation on all continents thanks to zone managers and mission leaders, appointed in the countries of each continent and/or producing analyses of the areas.

Our Research Poles

Our International Center for Research & Analysis ("Centre International de Recherche & d'Analyse", "C.I.R.A."), divided into five Poles whose perimeter is focused on a precise theme, is composed of seasoned researchers who apply themselves to developing the doctrine of their perimeters.

Our training Center

Our Training Center provides professionalizing courses on specific themes