About us

Who are we ? 

Founded in 2015, the Institute of Applied Geopolitical Studies (Iega) is a think tank of public interest, whose purpose is to study international and strategic relations, diplomatic and geopolitical issues. In this regard, it produces analyses, informs public opinion, and trains and advises individuals as well as private and public organizations: economic, institutional, and diplomatic agents.

Since its foundation, our think tank has been involved in long-term, forward-looking work, aiming to be useful to all future generations. Constituted in national networks on all continents, it brings together all types of actors: civil servants working in diplomacy, researchers, business leaders, young workers and students from many countries.

Our activities

Scientific research

Iega regularly publishes freely accessible studies, edited works, a quarterly digital journal, as well as maps and infographics aimed at analyzing contemporary geopolitical issues.


Iega regularly organizes events in various formats: conferences, symposiums, and seminars hosting researchers, diplomats, economic and institutional agents.


Iega offers a diverse educational program related to international and strategic relations, with the aim of training students, companies, and institutional actors in contemporary geopolitical issues. The training programs are certifying.


Iega provides its geopolitical expertise and international strategic monitoring to economic, institutional, and diplomatic agents in France and internationally through its Geoeconomic Observatory, its Geopolitics and Parliamentarians programs, and its Diplomatic meetings program.