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An international and independent Think tank

Civil society and non-governmental diplomacy

Who are we ? 

Founded in 2015, Ambassadeurs de la Jeunesse aims to involve civil society in international and diplomatic relations, in the understanding of geopolitical issues and public debate, and to issue recommendations to economic, institutional and diplomatic agents.

Constituted as national networks on all continents, the association brings together all types of actors: civil servants working in the diplomatic professions, professionals, young workers and students from many countries.

The International Board

  • A General Directorate (President, Secretary General, Head of Institutional Relations)

  • Committee managers 
  • Continental Delegates

  • A Community Manager

  • A logistics manager  

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Our Committees

We have several working committees designed to develop projects related to specific themes.

Environment & Sustainable Development Committee : its work consists in examining climate issues in the world and placing them at the heart of diplomatic discussions and negotiations. It ensures compliance with the international conventions and prepares projects that may be submitted to decision-making circles. It also carries out awareness-raising missions related to environmental issues around the world.

Economy & Finance Committee : its work consists in contributing to the rapprochement of international subjects and the development of economic relations through the proposal of institutional projects related to the international economy and finance. 

Law & Justice Committee : it articulates all of its work on legal issues between the different subjects of international law (States, international organizations, etc.), the study of international law (its development, articulation and gaps) and diplomatic law.

Human Rights Committee : it carries out activities related to the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the world. Composed of various committees (fundamental freedoms; foreigners' rights; economic, social and cultural rights; discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism), teams work for actions related to human rights in general at the French, European and international level.

Security & Defence Committee : strategic and geopolitical issues are analysed here from the perspective of international security and defence. Its work consists in analysing and proposing ideas and projects for decision-making bodies and civil society.

Culture Committee : it operates in the field of cultural diplomacy by contributing to the rapprochement of state and institutional actors and then populations through culture and sharing, exchange and discovery. It organizes projects aimed at bringing people closer and sharing through visits (museums, institutions, etc.), literary conferences, exhibitions and galleries. 

Our Delegations aim to ensure our representation on all continents through ambassadors and project managers appointed in the countries of each continent.

Our International Research & Analysis Center (I.R.A.C)

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