The International Center for Research & Analysis (ICRA)

The I.C.R.A. is headed by a Director and each department is headed by a research director.

The I.R.A.C's activities

Scientific research 

We have several research departments, each in charge of dealing with a theme and issues related to the theme in question. They are made up of researchers assigned according to their field(s) of research.

Specialized training seminars 

The different departments organize training seminars of several sessions related to a continent and different themes. These courses aim to transmit an understanding of contemporary geopolitical and strategic issues and to provide useful reading resources for the academic and professional world.


The different research departments produce consultancy notes and reports commissioned for economic, institutional and diplomatic agents.


Colloquia are organized to bring together researchers, academics and professionals around major current issues and to study geopolitical mechanics as well as major issues in international relations.

I.R.A.C researchers regularly contribute to the Diplomatic Review of Youth Ambassadors.

Research departments

Radicalization & Terrorism department

This department aims to study the phenomenon of radicalization among young people and to reflect, on the basis of research and analyses carried out, on possible solutions to address social, economic and cultural issues.

Digital & New Technologies department

This pole aims to study the impact of new technologies on the evolution of international relations and the influence of digital technology on the behaviour of individuals and international subjects.

Armies department

This pole aims to study military and politico-military issues in the world and by region. Armed conflicts are at the heart of the department's analysis, as well as the defence industry.

Resources & Energy Development Department

This pole aims to study the evolution of international relations and diplomatic issues from the perspective of strategic issues related to energy development.

Monthly meetings

Every month, I.R.A.C researchers are convened by the Director General. The agenda is attached to the notice of meeting.

Each monthly meeting is used to orient research, discuss the objectives of publications and develop programs for training seminars.


The I.R.A.C is open to all, on condition that you have a minimum of 4 years of higher education. It must be approved by the Scientific Council, which decides on applications at each of its meetings.

Membership is open to natural or legal persons. Anyone admitted to the I.R.A.C must pay an annual membership fee : 15 euros (€) for those under 26 years old and 30 euros (€) for those over 26 years old.

Application process

All applications will be examined by the Scientific Council. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Our Training seminars

See the "Training Seminars" section of our Institute