The International Center for Research & Analysis (ICRA)

The I.C.R.A. is headed by a Director and each department is headed by a research director.

The I.C.R.A's activities

The I.C.R.A. ("Centre International de Recherche & d'Analyse" or "C.I.R.A" in French) is dedicated to the treatment of precise strategic themes, which it participates in the development, through research, the establishment of training courses and the elaboration of consultancy notes and commissioned reports for various economic, institutional and diplomatic agents.

Research poles

Radicalization & Terrorism Pole

This pole aims to study the phenomenon of radicalization among people and to reflect, on the basis of the research and analyses carried out, on possible solutions to social, economic and cultural problems.

Digital & New Technologies Pole

This pole aims to study the impact of new technologies in the evolution of international relations and the influence of digital technology in the behavior of individuals and international subjects.

Armies Pole

This pole aims to study military and politico-military issues in the world and by region. Armed conflicts are at the heart of this cluster's analysis, as is the defense industry.

Resources & Energy Development Pole

This pole aims to study the evolution of international relations and diplomatic issues from the perspective of strategic issues related to energy development.


This pole aims to study the stakes and dynamics of Intelligence, in both theoritical and practical visions. The development of new means, such as new technologies, completes the use of more traditional practices.

Application process

Each application is analyzed by the Executive management and the Director dedicated to the specific pole.

Each researcher is volunteer.