Ethical charter

The Institute for Applied Geopolitical Studies ("Institut d'Études de Géopolitique Appliquée", "Institut EGA") is guided by a concern for independence, objectivity and integrity. It places its activities in the pursuit of the general interest and exercises them in a spirit of responsibility.

- It does not support or defend any particular interest, nor does it support any cause or position of a partisan nature ;
- In its approach, it ensures the overall balance between stakeholders and the plurality of opinions expressed ;
- The requirement of responsibility implies that any public expression made using the name of the think tank is marked by moderation in language and in judgments ;
- The work of the think tank is in principle public. Due to their nature, however, some may remain confidential ;
- The think tank ensures that the funding and material support it receives, whether public or private, French or foreign, cannot call into question the implementation of the principles and values that define it. The Board of Directors is called upon to decide on any funding that could, by its scale or origin, lead to a doubt about the independence of the think tank.