A framework for high-level & multy-party discussions, in French and/or English, about international & strategic economic challenges

Our multy-party events deliver to companies advices from complementary sources, in order to develop a complete understanding of international business risks & opportunities, regarding exports, imports and investments decisions.

Through practical & concrete themes, such as international sanctions, crises of raw materials, foreign tax exemptions and monetary politics for example, each profession (supply chain manager, sales representative, etc.) of any kind of company (by industry and size) finds here a source for development.

The yearly program is built accordingly to the international current events, for companies

Our past free events

(live access is free, rebroadcast is accessible for the members of the "Rencontres géoéconomiques" program

Our past premium events

(Future events and some previous events, as rebroadcasts, are accessible for members of the "Rencontres géoéconomiques" program)

Why to become a member of the "Rencontres géoéconomiques" program

The companies which are members of the programm benefit from various advantages. Among them, are particularly noteworthy:

-  Access to the premium events.

-  Illimited access, through rebroadcast, to the large majority of the past events.

-  Discount for our trainings.

You can (click on the link) become a member of the program, see our future events and see our past events of the program.

A tailored consulting activity, in terms of content and style, is available

Tailored conferences and trainings (about a specific country, for only your collaborators, etc.), reports, watch, etc.

For any information about the "Rencontres géoéconomiques" program or our tailored consulting activities, a team is at your disposal