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Diplomats, share your positions

Through the program Parole aux Ambassades ("Floor given to the Embassies"), the Institut EGA is the pivot of technical discussions about issues of international relations, between diplomatic players, researchers and other stakeholders of the civil society.

Foreign diplomats based in France are invited to express themselves in an event labeled "Parole aux Ambassades", about a specific theme, around experts and/or to a chosen public. This sharing of information aims at providing each attendee the keys of understanding regarding an international stake, therefore leading to better decisions.

The different configurations :

  • Closed-door dialogue between diplomats & experts exclusively.
  • Open dialogue with the civil society & the media.

The meetings are organised by the Institut EGA. They are subject to our rules and our ethical charter.

Other kinds of cooperation

Interview of H.E. the Ambassador of Sweden in France, Veronika Wand-Danielsson, inserted in the 10th issue of our Revue Diplomatique entitled "Neutralité & non-alignement : réalités multiformes dans le monde & enjeux géopolitiques"

Instead of or in addition of organizing one or several event(s) labeled Parole aux Ambassades, our Diplomacy Unit can plan with you projets of other kinds :

  • Inserting interviews and/or articles from one of your diplomats in one or several of our Revue Diplomatique's issues (our quaterly magazine), or independently on our website.
  • Providing a status of member for the legal person which is your diplomatic representation, giving free access to the repeat broadcast of our past events (standard and labeled Parole aux Ambassades), as well as our issues of our Revue Diplomatique.
  • Providing a priviledged access to our network of companies, through the program "Geoeconomics Meetings".
  • Providing access to our business breakfasts in which all the diplomats of our networks are invited. During each session, one embassy in particular is given the opportunity to introduce its activities to diplomats of other countries.

Our Diplomacy Unit is available to discuss about other innovative kinds of cooperation which you can propose.

Experienced of 5 years of cooperations with the diplomatic world, we do not have any restriction regarding the regions of origine of embassies and topics.

Our principles

  • As already introduced above, the Institut EGA is the organizer of all the activities. Therefore they are subject to our rules and our ethical charter. If there is a pricing of activities organized with a diplomatic representation, it doesn't question the rules and the charter.
  • As we promote free speech, as long as it enriches the debate, we let diplomats and other experts to share their points of view which wouldn't align with our research works. This is also why diplomats can have a right of reply if they disagree with the conclusions of our research works.

Possible pricing

All projects of collaboration with the Institut EGA are subject to an analysis of their (technical, etc.) feasibilities. Some projects can therefore be realized ex gratia, and some can be subject to a financial contribution.

Other events with diplomatic representatives

The Institut EGA is now in the qualifying directory of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs as one of the main French think tanks working on the european affairs and international relations. 

Online interviews with diplomats