Our Institute
Institute for Training in International Law and Diplomacy (I.T.I.L.D)

Our think tank has its Institute for Training in International Law and Diplomacy (I.T.I.L.D) which contributes each year to the training of more than 150 people in international law, international relations and geopolitics through two separate courses.

Our training programs

 Summer courses
Training seminars


Summer on-site courses

75 €

Summer on-site courses (Professional tariff)

150 €

Distant summer courses

50 €

Distant summer courses (Professional tariff)

100 €

Training seminars

80 €

The Summer Courses

Within the framework of the Institute for Training in International Law and Diplomacy, higher-level summer courses in international law and international relations are organised in a legal and geopolitical context.

Every summer, university-qualified instructors and university researchers provide courses aimed at acquiring skills in the field of international law and international relations. It is an initiatory diplomatic program for students and professionals at all levels wishing to acquire a solid foundation in the fundamental subjects of international law and international relations.

Summer courses are held in person (Paris) and at a distance (on a pedagogical platform).

The Summer School Program

  • 4 semaines de cours (chaque samedi et dimanche du mois de juin)
  • Une conférence par semaine
  • An institutional trip 

Overall hourly volume = 52 hours of classes / Hours = 9:00-13:00 & 14:00-18:00

The courses

  • Law of international responsibility of States and international organizations (13 hours)

  • Droit international pénal / Droit pénal international (13 heures)
  • Relations internationales et enjeux stratégiques (13 heures)
  • Contemporary geopolitical issues (13 hours)

The conferences

Summer courses are also an opportunity for our auditors to participate in a series of conferences related to the program. Therefore, every week in June, a conference is organized on an issue that will have been studied during a course given.

These conferences are an opportunity to deepen the topics covered and strengthen everyone's knowledge, but also to exchange with a recognized interlocutor. 

Apply for the 2019 Summer School in person (01/06/2019 - 30/06/2019)

Apply for the 2019 distant summer courses

Registration opens on Monday, April 15, 2019.

Training seminars

Specialised training seminars are organised with the participation of the International Research & Analysis Center (I.R.A.C) - the association's research center - in order to prepare advanced students, association leaders, non-governmental organizations or professionals seeking to acquire specific skills in specific fields.

The directors of the I.R.A.C departments as well as the researchers of these departments develop pedagogical programs in order to respond to a specific demand in particularly important fields in the international relations sector of activity.

The program of the training seminars

  • 4 weeks of seminar (every Saturday for 3 hours)

  • Writing a report related to the training followed

  • Practical exercises 

Overall hourly volume = 12 hours of courses / Hours = 2:00PM-5:00PM

The seminars

Auditors must apply for one of the following seminars (for several seminars, submit different applications):  

  • Seminar on non-governmental diplomacy (12 hours)

  • Seminar on the phenomenon of radicalisation and the fight against terrorism (12 hours)

  • Seminar on the geopolitics of energy (12 hours)

  • Seminar on global military issues (12 hours)

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